Michael Fester

Building Markprompt with Marie. We live in California. I previously co-founded Snips, a privacy-respecting voice AI platform. We got acquired by Sonos, and are now powering all voice interactions on Sonos speakers. Prior to that, I created 8pen, a new way to write on mobile devices which draws inspiration from handwriting. I also started a Ph.D. in number theory at Cambridge, but left in order to build companies.

Investments: Ambrook, camelQA, Docsum, Double, Fella, Happenstance, Luminai, Mercury, Oneleet, Proxy, Vercel, Zama.

Authors I enjoy: Eco, Taniguchi, Yourcenar, Dostoevsky, Vargas Llosa, Houellebecq, Balzac, Brecht, Nabokov, Arasse.

Contact: Email, X, LinkedIn, GitHub.